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We don't just develop applications for our customers and walk away – we offer end-to-end services to fully support you. We can provide everything from consultancy to better align your technology with your business plan, to support with your ongoing development requirements
From our London base, we can provide IT Support Services in rapid response times to fix IT problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We aim to provide permanent solutions to problems that come up as opposed to temporary quick fixes. Our knowledgeable, well-equipped team has helped us grow to be one of the leading IT consultancy & server support companies in London UK.
Epesonic Consultancy- If your IT support company relies on computers then it makes sense to outsource your IT consultancy functions to experts who already deal with a wide range of companies in the UK .
Computer Specialists
Support on real time from Epesonic, always on point and time effecient, supporting our business effectively since 2009. thanks. 
Meet the Team
  1. Susan
    Head of Management, innovative project manager, developing frame structure for businesses and head market unit
  2. Jason
    Software engineering expert, sales and consultation guru, software developing
  3. engineering, support, system, computer, software, hardware
    Head of the Technical Department, Field support specialist, over decades of experience in the Support line
Meeting all of your computer hardware, software and support needs.
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