Epesonic Computer System

Connecting CCTV systems to the internet just got easy!
We offer a complete start to finish service; we remotely set-up your CCTV system to allow remote viewing over the Web on a PC, Mobile Phone or iPhone
Virtually all DVR based CCTV systems have the capability to be viewed over the Internet on a PC, mobile phone or iPhone. However, most systems have not been set up to achieve this simply because most installers do not know the vast combination of DVR and router configurations - making set up at best very frustrating, time consuming and cost ineffective.
We here at Epesonic CCTV Tech Support take all the hassle away, we're both very experienced and professional in what we do, we believe we're the first and only Company offering this service in the UK.

We open the opportunity for you the installer to sell this service to your new customer or include it within your quote and put yourself in front of the competition, furthermore it allows you to approach all of your previous CCTV installation customers and offer this set-up as a chargeable profitable job...more

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